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About Community Service Help

The primary mission of our organization is to provide a local alternative to the punitive burden of traditional community service. It is our belief that our educational model of community service will serve the at-risk individuals that have been sentenced to community service much better than having them perform menial labor at a local charity. Our program invests in the individual in hope that it will encourage them to empower themselves to make more positive life decisions in the future.

Our program has been designed to make it easily accessed by all individuals that have found it burdensome to complete traditional community service. In fact, we have found that our customers come from all walks of life and that they all have one thing in common, traditional community service was going to add significant stress on their already borderline lives. This stress serves no purpose other than to push individuals into further bad behavior. But our system of rehabilitation relieves stress and pressure form the lives of those at-risk is a way for these individuals to use what focus and power they do have and channel that into non-criminal self improvement.

Our model of interactive education and our implementation of this model through local New Hampshire nonprofits is allowing us to make a positive change in the lives of those that we touch through our program. This program has been proven effective and is expanding its reach beyond the borders of New Hampshire and throughout the United States with the help of our sister organizations and local non profits across the nation.

This type of rehabilitative program is the progressive answer to ending the cycle of crime before it has a chance to begin and therefore help participants avoid the future decisions that will result in crimes that warrant a more serious sentence than community service.

We Will Save You Money

Beyond the time it takes to perform traditional court ordered community service very few people consider the hidden costs. Charities themselves do not charge for your service, but it does cost you a lot of money when you miss work, pay for gas, and even pay for childcare while you are away. These costs are considered incidental by the courts, but they add up and can be very significant to the person sentenced. In fact we had one customer, Bruce, who came to us recently and let us know that our online program saved him close to $1650. He said that between daycare, lost income from work, and the price of gas he was not certain he could complete his sentence. Fortunately, he found our program and Bruce was able to complete his service quickly and easily from home and without missing a single day of work.

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